My first blog post

Jan 25, 2016 General Go

This is my first blog post :tada:. And, version of another blogging framework.

Some history

In fact, somewhere in 2003, I had a blog about mysql and php stuff and it was backed by wordpress. Later with new versions of wordpress, theme didn’t play well anymore. I hadn’t the time to manage compatibility issues and in fact hadn’t much time to post new stuff. The content isn’t relevant today and I’d never backed. Old posts are buried somewhere, most probably on my old PC :floppy_disk: with lovely Starcraft.

And, now

I thought, that it’s a good time to start a new blog. I have some thoughts and insights which I like to share. Hopefully it will be useful for someone. Let’s begin :memo:

Blog code & features

To challenge myself, I decided not to use Medium or any other blogging platform, but to write something from scratch and use it here. Why?! I love bugs, and this is a good place to make them. For now, this blog is crafted from all these things:


  • Golang - as generator tool and backend code.
  • App Engine - great platform to run server apps.
  • Datastore - convenient nosql database, part of app engine.
  • Bootstrap - just using it as is.


  • Markdown - The content is written with markdown and generated to a static html. I used this great golang library:
  • Metas - Social html meta tags are generated for different networks by my html generator.
  • Tags - Blog posts have labels like this one: Go .Later, to be used for filtering.
  • Versioning - Posts have version and change log. It help me updating old posts and keep visitors aware of changes.
  • Stats - This blog, measures total/unique views & shares, countries. Press on Stats to see total views and shares. Later, I will reveal all data in more colorful way.
  • Sharing - Each blog can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn. Since I’m not a big fan of iframes, the sharing buttons will be very simple. Press Share for all options.
  • Emoji - Just to make it a more happier blog :smile:. I used this js lib:
  • API - I still don’t know why is it good for, in blogging world, but feels like a good idea, so why not.

My next posts

About Android, Go, CI flows, UX, open sources, tools and projects, insights and thoughts, and everything I may find interesting to share.


You can reach me through one of the channels, anytime. Feel free to do so.