2010-2011  NLP PHP MySQL JS

Process navigator for the design of new BMP flows.



While studying for my BSc. degree :fire: I worked as Research Assistance in Technion and this was my main project. It started with already written Algorithm in pseudo code and good documented Theseus of Dr. Maya Lincoln. The goal was to implement this algorithm in real working code that would be used for running experiments with various data to prove the correctness of Theseus idea which algorithm intended to solve. The development was done in PHP language and MySQL as a database. In addition, I used simple HTML and CSS for minimal graphical interface, Java for parsing natural language and JS for better user experience and for visualization of generated processes.


Stack - IIS, PHP, MySQL and JS.
Tasted - ERD, SQL, Algorithms, NLP, Logging and Performance.


Thanks to Prof. Avigdor Gal and Dr. Maya Lincoln for building this project.