blog 2017-12-10T00:27:04+02:00 Mostly writing about coding Roman Kushnarenko Run lint and unit tests of Android builds from Jenkins 2017-12-10T00:00:00Z,2017-12-10:/blog/build-android-jenkins-tests-lint Setup and configure lint checks, build and run tests across all modules, collect and present reports on Jenkins. Roman Kushnarenko Build by types and sign Android app from Jenkins 2017-12-04T00:00:00Z,2017-12-04:/blog/build-android-jenkins-types In this part I will explain how to update Gradle file, setup signing options and build by types from Jenkins. Keeping sensitive keystore credential hidden. Roman Kushnarenko Setup and build Android app from Jenkins 2017-10-09T00:00:00Z,2017-10-09:/blog/build-android-jenkins Step by step guide of how to setup Jenkins and Android SDK on VM and create a basic job that builds Android apps. Roman Kushnarenko Running Android UI Tests - Part 2 2017-08-08T00:00:00Z,2017-08-08:/blog/run-android-ui-tests-2 Sharding and running Android UI tests in parallel. How we improved execution tests time by 40%. Roman Kushnarenko Running Android UI Tests - Part 1 2017-03-28T00:00:00Z,2017-03-28:/blog/run-android-ui-tests For each test — collect logs, record a video, dump db, preferences and more. Clear data, run by tags and with params. Easy extendable. Roman Kushnarenko SSL for my site with Let's Encrypt 2017-02-26T00:00:00Z,2017-02-26:/blog/ssl-letsencrypt-appengine This is how I created certificate using Let's encrypt. Roman Kushnarenko Clear notifications using ADB 2017-02-24T00:00:00Z,2017-02-24:/blog/android-adb-clear-notifications Simple adb commands to clear notifications without rooting your device. Roman Kushnarenko Migrate GAE Datastore to SQL using Golang 2016-02-08T00:00:00Z,2016-02-08:/blog/datastore-sql-migration Check how to export datastore data step by step, unmarshal and load into model and create SQL script using Golang. Roman Kushnarenko My first blog post 2016-01-25T00:00:00Z,2016-01-25:/blog/first-blog-post This is my first blog post. And, version of another blogging framework. Roman Kushnarenko